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No, I assume I’m not expected to understand this. But … my business trip to the States will be, excluding taxes, as cheap as my weekly train ride, including 19% German sales tax, from Gütersloh to Berlin and back (400 km each trip, about 80 EUR regular in the 2nd class coaches per direction).
Taxation included, the flight is about 3.5 times as expensive as my weekly train ride back and forth — but still, considering the distance covered, it’s cheap as hell. So, let me ask, why is the train so fscking expensive?

Welcome to version hell #xbmc #vdr #vnsi #Rpi

Installed Raspbmc, an XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi, on one of mine yesterday and started to enjoy streaming music and video from my Android tablets and the SMB share with all my music on it. But, like OpenELEC, Raspmbc won’t talk to my VDR’s VNSI server — and now I discovered why. Continue reading