WordPress integrating with Twitter, FB … and Android?

What’s the suggested plugin, or shall I use multiple, for properly integrating my now WordPress-powered blog with Twitter and Facebook?

I want to be able to selectively post to Twitter and/or Facebook, and want to record external responses (replies/retweets on Twitter, comments on Facebook) in WordPress as well. Posting comments on FB-derived ones in WP will still break the discussion, but that I intend to think about after some trial period.

Furthermore I’m looking for a different Android-App than the one called ‘WordPress’ in the MarketPlayStore, since this one seems to break EXIF data on image upload :-(

So, my dear followers: Any hints appreciated on #tw and FB as well as on the blog :-)



[exif id=”9595″]

Schon ein paar Tage alt, aber als Testobjekt brauchbar ;)

Hmm, das ist mir aber noch zuviel Handarbeit …

[osm_map width=150 height=150 lat=”52.530725″ long=”13.384711″ zoom=”16″]

Das klingt doch so, als müßte ich mir mein eigenes WP-Plugin schreiben; eigentlich hatte ich ja gehofft, das wäre bei WordPress gar nicht mehr notwendig … oh ja.

Und nun mal ein Image per Web-Upload …

[exif id=”9593″]

… anstatt des Android-Clients. Bleiben da wenigstens die EXIF-Tags bestehen und werden die richtigen in die DB übernommen?

[Edit] Augenscheinlich ja. Demnach hat mich die EXIF-strippende WordPress-App für Android nun rund einen Tag auf Hexenjagd geschickt, warum denn keines der angeblich ach-so-geilen Plugins bei mir funktioniert. Su-per. #tw #fb [/EDIT]

Too sober for mod_rewrite?

#fb #tw

I’m really a bit confused right now. I want to use apache2’s mod_rewrite to link from the previous blog (powerded by locally hacked SPHPBLOG) to my new, shiny, WordPress-driven one. Therefore old links like /index.php?entry=entry120414-202918 need to be redirected to http://v2.blogdoch.net/2012/04/

So, what I tried was:

RewriteRule     ^/index.php\?entry=entry([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])-202918   http://v2.blogdoch.net/20$1/$2/ [R,L]

Above does not fire at all. The followings does, but a bit unexpected:

RewriteRule     ^/index.*[^=](.*)$     http://v2.blogdoch.net/old/$1 [R=302,L]

I call "Location: http://v2.blogdoch.net/old/?entry=entry120414-202918” unexpected on a "wget http://blogdoch.net/index.php?entry=entry120414-202918” here. WTF is going on? I’d expect “entry120414-202918“, but not everything after, and including, “?” — is my regexp foo that rusty?!

Any hints appreciated ;)